Artafex 2” Crossbeam Optics Deep Dive - DMF Luxury

2″ Crossbeam Optics

Artafex 2″ modules utilize new crossbeam TIR optics that are uniquely designed to leverage two main features: light rays are focused at the trim opening and then diverge to cover the room. The center of the optic is recessed to reduce glare, and moving the focal area near the ceiling allows most of the light rays to pass through the small aperture of a pinhole trim. This results in both both high efficacy, maximum light output, and minimum clipping of the light. The new optics provide proper flood or ambient lighting and minimal glare for a comfortable living space, even with traditionally challenging pinhole trims.

Check out this video from DMF’s Director of Mechanical Engineering for a deep dive:

True Spectrum™

Artafex 2″ featuring True Spectrum™ is only available to Integrators through DMF Luxury. True Spectrum™ technology is the culmination of studying 99 variations of color to come up with light engines that are exceptional in their ability to effectively display colors as they appear under natural light. Artafex modules featuring True Spectrum™ high CRI LED technology with new crossbeam technology is available to order on the portal now.

At DMF, we continue to turn decades of R&D performance into the elegant luminaries of the future and the Artafex line offers unprecedented and industry-leading versatility with superior aesthetic options purpose-built to simplify the installation process.

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