Artafex 2″
Integrator Small Aperture Lighting

The Quiet Revolution
Has Arrived

The Artafex 2" is our small aperture lighting system designed to elevate the entire home with modern, quiet ceilings and award-winning design. The traditional constraints of 2" fixtures are finally gone. Now, small aperture lighting isn't just a specialty feature, it’s been designed for every room in the house and it's available in both round and square.

Go Smaller Without Compromise

The revolutionary Artafex 2" Modules go smaller without compromise, combining the performance of larger fixtures with the design of small aperture fixtures for a quiet ceiling. They deliver up to 1250 lm with True Spectrum™ color rendering and are completely interchangeable - swap lumens, color temperature or optics, all from below the ceiling.

Effortless, Error-Free

The simple universal housing not only accommodates a fixed or adjustable module, it also features a small footprint without sacrificing strong light output. The unique pull-down maintenance latch simplifies serviceability since the splice and driver are both easily accessible below the ceiling. For closed ceiling applications, a Remodel version is also available.

The Key to Innovation

A true breakthrough in the category, our patent-pending Precision Lock Collars eliminate over-cutting and ensure a flawless cutout, and error-free installation at a uniform depth.

Precision Trims in
Architecture-Grade Finishes

Deep die-cast aluminum knife edge trim options are meticulously engineered in California to provide unmatched precision and exceptionally easy installation. Every element of Artafex 2" is designed to complement or disappear into any space, creating a modern, quiet atmosphere throughout the home.

Clean and Quiet Ceilings,
Now for the Whole Home

Dimming Compatibility Guaranteed

Our integrated driver was designed in-house to ensure compatibility. We guarantee Artafex 2" to be seamlessly compatible with every major lighting control system, local and centralized.

Match the Mood to the Moment

Warm Dim gives people the flexibility to choose the light that’s right for them by dimming from vibrant, full-spectrum lighting to warm, comfortable illumination.