DRD5S – Surface Mounts
Surface Mount Downlight

Surface meets substance

The DRD5S redefines what’s possible for a surface mount. It delivers the pure, smooth light and elegant look of a high-end recessed downlight, but it’s compact enough to fit in limited plenum space. The DRD5S achieves the perfect balance of aesthetics, performance, and value.


  • Edgeless design disappears into the ceiling
  • Clear, uniform light, no dark spots
  • Ultra-thin form factor
  • Snaps into place for easy installation
  • Integrated driver with smooth dimming down to 1%

Minimalist masterpiece

The innovations built into the DRD5S are not simply practical – they’re beautiful as well. With a cutting-edge optoelectronic design, the DRD5S delivers the pure, smooth illumination that transforms spaces while disappearing into them.

4" Round or Square

The DRD5S’s minimal design is available in multiple form factors, with the 4" Round and Square matching the appearance of high-end recessed lights.

8" Round

We took everything that makes the 4" exceptional and expanded on it. This area light can fill an entire room with inviting, accurate illumination.

18" Linear

This linear area light delivers 1500 lumens of 90+ CRI light in a unique form factor. Like our other surface mount downlights, the linear features an integrated driver and small footprint making it a great choice for new construction or retrofit.