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The DCC is now more versatile than ever. Its wide range of options, including mounting, beam angles, lumen outputs, finishes, trims and shades, provide brilliant illumination and beautiful design. We pushed this versatility even further with the Cord or Stem Mount Uplight, which provide a truly unique light distribution uncommon for pendant cylinders.

Looking Up

DMF started the uplight project to add more indirect light from our pendant. By adding another light source, you can increase the amount of light in a space by reflecting it back down to the surface. You get more light back down without increasing glare.

We asked lighting designers where they would put a pendant with an uplight, and they said “All over the place!”

People are focused on more comfortable lighting. They’re tired of getting blasted by LEDs and are willing to invest in an indirect light that will make their environment comfortable. Having efficient light fixtures and more comfortable ways of lighting a space using indirect lighting is definitely the future.

Shadowless Design

We developed our own UL certified support system that adds strength while limiting light loss. The unique propeller design channels the cord from the connector to the module, while delivering a shadowless stream of light.

A More Flexible Solution

The addition of a pendant uplight allows the DCC Cylinder to reach new heights. Combining glare-free illumination with the ability to highlight architectural elements replaces the need for unsightly troffers or linear fixtures.

And while linear fixtures efficiently provide direct and indirect lighting, pendants can be arranged in a less restrictive manner. This gives designers freedom to arrange fixtures and customize the space.

Ideal for high or exposed ceilings, the DCC Cord Mount Cylinder is a revolutionary solution for general and accent lighting from one light source.

Learn more about the DCC Cylinder series.

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