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At the 2020 CEDIA Expo Virtual experience, DMF teamed with respected lighting designer David Warfel to present the Nine Deadly Sins of Lighting Layout, an interactive webinar covering the most common lighting layout mistakes. Now, he’s back with the Seven Saintly Solutions, a direct follow up presenting some secrets to better lighting layouts.

Seven Saintly Solutions

1. In the Beginning, There Used to be Darkness
2. Let There be Layers of Light
3. Let Your Light Shine on What You Want to See
4. See No Evil: Banish Bare Naked Bulbs
5. Lift Your Eyes to the Lighting Above
6. Tend the Eternal Flame of Low Lighting
7. Keep Christmas All About Christmas Lights


Original Sin(s)

Watching David Warfel’s first webinar, Nine Deadly Sins of Lighting Layout, is not required to understand Seven Saintly Solutions, but it helps! Don’t worry, you can watch a replay of the webinar if you missed it (or just want a refresh).

Nine Deadly Sins of Lighting Layouts

1. Ceiling Fan Light Syndrome
2. Four Cans and a Fan
3. Vanity Insanity
4. Perfect Shadows
5. Countertop Caper
6. Overhead Dependency
7. Binary Existence
8. Death of Details
9. Geometry Versus Humanity



David Warfel is an author and educator at the crossroads of architecture, light, and integration. He serves as lighting advisor to the ProSource buying group, leading the development of the first integrator-specific lighting certification program, and is former head of the graduate lighting design program at the University of Illinois.

David’s company built the revolutionary Signature Custom Lighting Design service to be an affordable, easy option for lighting design. The LCHY team partners with custom integrators nationwide to help them grow in lighting fixture sales and navigate the complex and rapidly changing world of light.

His design credits range from projects at Carnegie Hall and Las Vegas’ Luxor to Chicago’s Hyde Park Arts Center and multiple themed spaces for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. While he and his team still design commercial projects, their primary focus is on custom residential projects from coast to coast (and beyond).  His work and writing have been featured in Technology Design, Fine Homebuilding, Lighting Australia, and multiple times on

David is the founding designer of Light Can Help You and blogs at


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