Leading Home Integrator Discusses the Importance of Lighting - DMF Luxury

While audio-visual and automation have always been pillars in the custom home integrators industry, lighting also plays a major role. Integrators have installed lighting controls for years, but now lighting fixtures have seen a substantial increase in installations.

One of the companies spearheading that growth has been none other than DMF Lighting. With over 20 top integrator dealers added in the last year, we are proud to be recognized as a fast-growth CE Pro Bullet Brand for 2020.


The Dealer Perspective

CE Pro, a leading home integrators publisher, recently spoke with Andres Klein, one of the founders of MAXICON home integrations. The two discussed how lighting controls, fixtures, and DMF products fit into the portfolio of solutions at his firm.

“One of the things we love about DMF is that ability to have one housing and the possibility of really playing with multiple lamps and multiple trims.”
– Andres Klein, MAXICON

Klein discusses how DMF’s systems of modular products fit in perfectly with other AV components. It allows designers to make changes after construction is complete, similar to audio systems, which is critical in home integration.

Read more about the relationship between lighting and home integration and as well as DMF’s modular approach to downlighting.


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